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Spirit of Vienna (Volumes 1 & 2)

Two CDs have been produced as a joint venture between this Society and the Czech Johann Strauss Society and every piece is a first ever recording. The orchestra is conducted by Christian Pollack and the digitally recorded material has been obtained from various archives in Vienna and London.

These CDs are offered for sale direct from this site.

cover 1Volume One (£10 plus postage) — Contents

Click on the crotchet to hear a short excerpt of each track.

crotchet Johann Strauss II Overture, Reiche Mädchen 
   Johann Strauss III (from the operetta "Katze und Maus"):     
     crotchet Dragoner March
     crotchet Leonie Walzer
     crotchet Comme il faut, Polka française 
crotchet Siegfried Translateur Traumverloren Walzer 
crotchet Paul Lincke (from the operetta "Casanova") Casanova March
crotchet Paul Lincke Casanova Walzer
crotchet Alfons Czibulka Von der Hochschule, Polka Mazurka
crotchet Johann Strauss II Overture, Fanny Elssler
crotchet Edmund Eysler (from the operetta "Schützenliesel") Schützenliesel Walzer
crotchet Richard Eilenberg J'y pense Gavotte
crotchet Joseph Hellmesberger (from the operetta "Das Veilchenmädel") Veilchenmädel Walzer

Total playing time 79:35

Orchestra: Die Flotten Geister, conducted by Christian Pollack.

cover 2Volume Two (£10 plus postage) — Contents

Click on the crotchet to hear a short excerpt of each track.

crotchet R.Eilenberg Kaiserjäger march
crotchet Johann Strauss III Die Schlittschuläuferin Walzer, op.31
crotchet Eduard Strauss Im Flug mit Ihr! op.231 (Polka schnell)
crotchet O.Fetras Harves'tehuder Schwalben Walzer, op.73
crotchet C.M.Ziehrer Mutterwitz (polka schnell), op.428
crotchet I.Ivanovici Viata la Bukaresti (waltz)
crotchet R.Eilenberg Die Jagd nach dem Gluck (Galop), op.69
crotchet J.Rosas Carmen Walzer
crotchet C.W.Drescher Die schöne Wienerin (march-polka)
crotchet K.Komzak II Feinsliebchen (Polka Mazurka)
crotchet Josef Gung'l Jungherrentanz (Walzer), op.213
crotchet Leo Fall Dollarprinzessin Walzer 

Orchestra: Die Flotten Geister, conducted by Christian Pollack.

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