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Johann Strauss and Family in London (£6 plus postage)

Johann Strauss and Family in London was recorded in 1989 as part of the Society's Silver Jubilee celebrations. It features works associated with visits made by members of the Strauss family to England.

This recording is by John Georgiadis and the London Symphony Orchestra.

Johann Strauss I Huldigung der Königin Victoria von Grossbritanien, Walzer, Op 103
Johann Strauss I Frederica-Polka, Op 239
Johann Strauss I March of the Royal Horse Guards (orchestrated by John Georgiadis)
Johann Strauss I Alice-Polka, Op 138
Johann Strauss I Almacks-Quadrille, Op 243
Johann Strauss III Krönungs-Walzer, Op 40
Johann Strauss I Exeter-Polka, Op 249
Johann Strauss II Erinnerung an Covent-Garden, Walzer nach englischen Volksmelodien, Op 329
Eduard Strauss Old England for ever! Polka, Op 239 (orchestrated John Georgiadis)
Eduard Strauss Greeting Valse, on English Airs
Johann Strauss II Potpourri-Quadrille (orchestrated Edward Peak)

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