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Programme for the 2007 New Year's Day Concert in Vienna

The 2007 concert was conducted by Zubin Mehta. It consisted of the following works. 2007 is the centenary of the death of Josef Hellmesberger, so two of his works were included.

First half

Johann Strauss II
Zivio!, march from "Jabuka", Op. 456

Josef Strauss
Flattergeister, Walzer, Op. 62
Moulinet, Polka française, Op. 57

Josef Hellmesberger

Josef Strauss
Delirien, Walzer, Op. 212

Johann Strauss I
Einzugs, Galopp, Op. 35

Second half

Johann Strauss II
Waldmeister, overture

Josef Strauss
Irenen, Polka française, Op 113

Johann Strauss II
Wo die Citronen blüh'n, Walzer, Op. 364

Eduard Strauss
Ohne Bremse, Polka schnell, Op. 238

Johann Strauss II
Stadt und Land, Polka Mazurka, Op. 322

Josef Strauss
Matrosen, Polka, Op. 52
Dynamiden, Walzer, Op. 173

Johann Strauss I
Erinnerung an Ernst (or The Carnival in Venice), Op. 126
Furioso-Galopp, Op. 114


Josef Hellmesberger
Leichtfüßig, Polks schnell

Johann Strauss II
An der schönen, blauen Donau, Walzer, Op. 314

Johann Strauss I
Radetzky Marsch, Op. 228

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