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Wilhem WacekWilhelm Wacek (1886-1894) 

Born in Sobeslau in Bohemia, Wacek studied at the Prague Conservatory from 1879-1882. He joined the Infantry Regiment no.74 for his military service and then took the position of music director in Brixen, South Tyrol. At Ziehrer's encouragement he moved to Vienna in 1894 where he succeeded Ziehrer as the Music Director of the Hoch-und Deutschmeister regiment. He maintained the fame of this premiere regiment and became known as the 'Philharmonic in Uniform'. He made a successful appearance in 1910 at the World Exhibition in Buenos Aires. When Julius Herrmann took over, Wacek left the band in 1918 and retired on the collapse of the monarchy and only occasionally appeared as a guest conductor. In addition to his many marches he also composed waltzes and polkas, Viennese songs and other works. His son Otto Wacek (1894-1983) continued in the tradition of his father.

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