Anniversaries this month

Carl Wilhelm Drescher b.1850
Carl Wilhelm Drescher d.1925
Anton Fahrbach d.1887
Philipp Fahrbach Jr b.1843
Alexander Girardi b.1850
Joseph Gung'l b.1809
Carl Lorens d.1909
Carl Millöcker d.1899
Adolf (Junior) Müller d.1901
Oskar Nedbal d.1930
Gustav Pick b.1832
Eduard I Strauss d.1916
Wilhelm Wacek d.1944
Emil Waldteufel b.1837
Karl Wetaschek b.1859
Josef Wiedeman b.1828
Ivan Zajc d.1914



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The Society exists to promote the music of the Strauss Family and its musical contemporaries.

If you enjoy the pleasure of a Viennese ball, or like concerts, or in fact anything about the music, then The Johann Strauss Society of Great Britain is the society you may be looking to join to keep up to date with the latest concerts, shows, CDs and DVDs and events in the UK, and much more. The Society retains the largest specialist sound archive that includes many private recordings, in addition to hundreds of commercial LPs and CDs, as well as historic recordings, and also a large specialist library. We have three quarterly newsletters and an annual magazine for our members. Back issues can be accessed online using a login ID and password and most back issues are still available in print on request.  In addition we operate an email update service to members notifying of any important news or events.

For 2015 you can now join as an online member and also renew your membership. Please go to the members tab where you can find details of online payment.

The Society holds a large number of performing parts of Viennese music for orchestra, much of which can be made available to enquirers. Please go to the scores tab to see the current listing. A far larger selection of piano scores is also held. Please use the feedback form for more information on any specific music. If the item is not listed that you require we may be able to get it for you.

Many of the composers and all of the Strauss family have lists of works attached, which can be accessed via drop down menus. These are being added to from time to time, and provide the most comprehensive online listings available anywhere. A surprisingly large number can be listened to on YouTube. Simply copy and paste the title into YouTube. A very useful reference but of course no substitute for purchasing the music. From 2015 members will be able to access some non-commercial MP3 sound recordings from our sound archives for their personal use.  Links to hard to find websites and other sites of interest will also be gradually added.


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